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Since July of 2014 I have become a member of the team at Computer Central located at the corner of Overland and Cloverdale in Boise.  The address is 12160 W Overland Road and the phone number is 938-6300. 


I'm still offering my services either through CC or I can help you myself if you contact me @ 713-4936!  I consider myself to be one of the best in the state at finding & removing & preventing malware infections - I do it all day every day!   I am also still selling new laptops & tablets as well as building custom desktop computers! 




Way back in 1980 computers were quirky, mysterious machines and I fell in love with them! They became a hobby and I took Basic programming courses in college.Compared to today's machines those expensive behemoths had substantially less computing power than today's smart phones! And today's machines are doing what I always wished computers could do; realistic, immersive gaming, worldwide realtime communication, publishing, photo and video editing and creation - the spectrum is vast!  In 1996 my professional life changed and I chose to make computers my living. I've been troubleshooting, repairing, modifying and building computers ever since! I have taken a vast array of courses and tutorials over the years and have tapped the brains of some of the best in the industry. Over the years I have become an expert at troubleshooting laptops and desktop computers as well as identifying, eliminating and preventing malware infections.  






The single most prevalent problem that I see is the majority of people just do not understand malware (viruses, spyware, trojans, trackers, PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), and the rest), where they all come from, what they do and how to prevent them!


You spend your money on a brand new machine because you want to do things faster; do you realize that every machine comes set to save power, not to go fast? Let me optimize your laptop or desktop and realize the speed that you purchased!  



Okay, you buy and install an anti-virus program like Norton or McAfee and you then think you are completely protected from the bad stuff.  Sorry, but there are many levels of falacy to that plan; firstly, the big-name protection programs are large and gum up your system and they are completely inneffective.  "Vaporware".  Why do you think Intel bought McAfee?  It's a massive money-maker


But look at the problem from my viewpoint - there are new infections released onto the internet (released "into the wild" they call it) every few seconds, and trust me - these hackers are very talented programmers!  I know because I fight their products all day every day!  At any given time a huge number of websites are infected with malware waiting to get into your system.  So the internet browser you use is very, very inportant!


For example, Mozilla Firefox is popular because it is fast.  But guess what?  It's fast because it doesn't check to see if that website you're headed to is infected with malware.  Internet Explorer and Google Chrome do, but it takes time to do that and people are impatient.  So they get their machines infected and it doesn't run right anymore, or it doesn't run at all.  These infections are programs that run behind the curtain, use your machine's resources, and slow everything down to a crawl!


Then there's those "PUPs" that are everywhere right now; free backup programs, optimizers, mail programs, search toolbars - the list is massive!  And once they get into your system they are almost impossible to completely clean out.  Sure, do a "free" online backup - go ahead and send all the information from your computer to some server in China so they can sort through the data and sift out all your bank passwords and user names!  They would love that!  Look at your Windows desktop - are there icons for programs you don't remember installing?  That's because you didn't install them, they installed themselves and facilitate the installation of many more.



Okay, why am I droning on?  Because you need help!  One protection program just cannot do everything these days!  You need specialized programs that really, truly work!  And it takes YOU being vigilant and pro-active!  That is what I can help you with, AFTER your machine is thoroughly and completely cleaned out and repaired.  Plus you can get some advice and knowledge as to where this crap comes from and how to prevent it!  As I have said for years, "there is NOTHING FREE ON THE INTERNET.  Period."










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