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Since July of 2014 I have become a member of the team at Computer Central located at the corner of Overland and Cloverdale in Boise.  The address is 12160 W Overland Road and the phone number is 938-6300.  I will be doing the same thing I have been doing, so please come see me or contact me there! 




Way back in 1980 computers were quirky, mysterious machines and I fell in love with them! They became a hobby and I even took Basic programming courses in college. Compared to today's machines those expensive behemoths had substantially less computing power than today's cell phones! And today's machines are doing what I always dreamed computers could do; realistic immersive gaming, worldwide realtime communication, publishing, photographic and video editing and creation - the spectrum is vast!  In 1996 my professional life changed and I chose to make computers my living.  I have been troubleshooting, repairing, modifying and building computers ever since! I have taken a vast array of courses and tutorials over the years, have tapped the brains of some of the best in the industry, but am for the most part self-taught.  Over the years I have seen and solved just about every problem that can plague our machines.  Today I offer that vast experience to my customers as PC Rescue Computer Services LLC! And working all day - every day, we stay on top of new bugs and problems as they make their appearance, so you can be assured you will get the BEST POSSIBLE SERVICE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!  




For all my loyal customers over the years, I can still help you!  If you need my help, please call or email me.  I'm not as readily available now, but I can still assist you!



I received an email from a friend who operates Casa La Ventana near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.  She volunteers at the schools in Boca de Tomatlan.  If you have a minute please read her email;




Thank you for all the excellent computer service you have provided so many customers over the years.


I am currently living in a pueblo south of Puerto Vallarta and volunteer with the schools and students here in Boca de Tomatlan.  In a village where most families make under $200 USD per week and many have households of at least six people, it is very difficult to afford a computer for their children who are attending junior high and high school here.  In order to compete for jobs, especially in a tourist-based area such as Puerto Vallarta, a computer is very important.  If you or your clients ever have laptops that work, but they are upgrading to a new machine, I would so appreciate it if you would hold one or two for me to bring back to Mexico when I visit up there. 


This would be a great way for someone to recycle their laptop and make a huge difference in a student's future down here.  If you can ever help, please let me know.


Best wishes with your new endeavor.


Christina Martell

Casa La Ventana

Boca de Tomatlan, Jalisco, Mexico

Tel: 011 52 322 228 12 14

Skype: 208 639 9658

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If you are able to help Christina in her efforts with a laptop you just don't need anymore, please contact her directly or get hold of me.  Thank you!






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